Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life after sem 1..

Exam is over and now I'm back in Labuan. Don't know what to do for my 4 months semester break holiday. Mau kerja la ni kali.

It would be nice if I can play football but my knee injury is stopping me. So, I guess I will take a break from football for a while. Like what my girlfriend said to me : "Not playing for half a year or even a year is much better than not playing for the rest of your life. So, just deal with it okay". 

Maybe my girlfriend is right. I can't imagine for not playing football for the rest of my life. Palis2. So, t'paksa la gantung dulu kasut bola tu di dinding..:(

Will go to the hospital later to do a check-up on my knee. To all my friends out there, have fun playing football. Aku kasi peluang kamu jd superstar dulu sementara aku lek-lek mcm superstar cni rumah. Bukan lg macam, tp memang pun. Hahahaha. Nda bah. 

Orait. Happy holiday!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Tragic Incident..

I just read about the school massacre in Rio de Janeiro which happened recently. 

12 children ( 10 girls and 2 boys) were killed in the shooting and another 12 children were injured. Those children are aged 10-15 years old. The gunman was actually a former student of the primary school. 

From what was reported, he actually went into the school telling the teacher that he wanted to give a talk. Giving a talk by former students are very common there. He went into a classroom and told the children that he is going to give a talk. Then he asked them to close their eyes and raised their hands in the air. Suddenly the gunman screamed "You all are going to die!" and start shooting the children. 

Luckily a military policeman who was on duty near the neighbourhood came quickly after seeing the students fleeing from the school with bloodstained on their clothes. Other students were running and begging for help. The gunman was shot at the leg before he committed suicide, shooting himself.

He was described as a loner and antisocial by some the neighbourhood (probably living nearby him). His former classmates told that he was always being rejected harshly (I don't know for what. I forgot) by the other students. -- One type of bullying? Huhu. 

During the funeral of the unfortunate innocent children, a helicopter fly around cemetery area raining down roses petals. Lots of mothers fainted, fathers wept, family and friends rocking each other giving supports.

May they rest in peace...

Nike Football Shoes

Last month, I was planning to buy a new football shoes and I already had this one shoes in mind. But few days before I went to buy it, I asked my girlfriend of her opinion. At first, she was reluctant to give her opinion saying that she know nothing about football and that I will surely laugh at her choice. But I insisted. 

So, lazily she went to google it. At first she said nothing interested her. But I said keep on looking. A while later, she told me that a pair of shoes seems nice to her (because it was blue colour) but there's something weird about this shoes. 

"Where's its' mr.spikeys? I thought football shoes have it?"

Now, it was me that got confused. So, I google it. This was it. 

Hahahahaha. I laughed so hard after seeing the shoes. Of course she think it's weird because that is not football shoes. It's a futsal shoes dear! Hahahaha. Plus, the design was an old design.

After we both nearly died laughing, she told me that this is why she refused to give any opinion about football. Even the shoes. So I told her don't forget to include '2011 design' when she google for the shoes. Haha

"Don't worry. This time I will type 'Nike football shoes 2020' so I won't choose the 1980's design again."

After searching it for a while, she finally chose one and told me to look at this shoes. Coincidentally,I was planning to buy the same shoes. I like the design and colour but it's quiet expensive. But still bought it. 

Now that my knee is getting better and better from my injury, I can use my football shoes already. Hoho. Wait until we finish our exam, I'll play football again everyday.